Mike Charlie November
"If its not safe & fun... Don't sail it that way!"
"Nick is a highly competent , conscientious and skilled yacht Captain in addition to being a pleasure to have in ones employ. First and foremost, Nick is a highly capable ships Master and whether racing in regattas or cruising in remote areas of the world with our young family, we never felt anything but 100% safe and secure. In addition, Nick is an extremely good organizer, manager of crew and skilled at virtually every position thinkable on a vessel.

In todays demanding environment of ever increasing regulations and constant demands from up and coming crew members, it is unusual to find a highly experienced Captain who maintains a continued and true passion for yachting itself. Nick is that man and he makes it fun and interesting to be aboard - and isn't that what it was all supposed to be about?"

Sam & Tracey Byrne - Owners
SY Freedom

NC Maritime - Freelance Services to the Large Yacht Industry

NC Maritime is dedicated in providing financially efficient and highly effective solutions to short term manning and logistical shortages within the Large Yacht Industry.

As time served industry professionals, we understand only too well that even with the best laid out plans of any highly talented Captain, Crew, Management Company or Vessel Owner, that situations present themselves onboard that simply require highly experienced and motivated personnel to assist the vessel with "achieving their plan".

Captain Nick Cutler - MCA Master 3,000 GRT Class IV

Nick has been a professional in the marine industry for the past 25 years. His work has included: boatbuilder, charter fleet manager, captain, refit manager, engineer and race crew. Unlike some Captains, He is an experienced sailor in the true meaning. His passion for sailing started in his youth aboard dinghies. After school he furthered his love of boats and the sea with a nautical education, accepting an apprenticeship as a shipwright. This gave him a wide range of skills, including structural engineering, systems management, materials usage, and many more. As a shipwright he has the hands on expertise to manage the tangible aspects of a vessel.

Since that time, Nick joined several vessels as Captain and crew, traveling well over 150,000 nautical miles all over the globe. He is experienced in working overseas and has been involved in commissioning vessels and yacht refit programs, and has commercially operated as Charter Captain extensively.

Guest satisfaction and safety are Nicks #1 goals when operating any vessel. He enjoys introducing guests to new destinations and embracing the fruits of the location. Many of his guests have been very high profile clientele. Nick is trained in their additional security and privacy needs.

In this day of quick licenses and express lanes to the Captain position, Nick is one of the more experienced Captains in the industry. He has the education, experience and miles to back this. This is reflected in the standard of a vessel in his care. He takes great pride in this and believes it is a direct reflection of his skills. Another aspect of Captaining a yacht, is the management of its crew. This team is the key to a smooth running vessel. Nick is proud of his track record in putting a strong team together and is part of his leadership skills.

Nick believes in keeping the highest standards in safety and seamanship, and is proud to stand behind this statement.